Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2007 World Series Champions

The Texas Rangers!!

October 1995 - Fired by the Yankees. October 1996, Yankees end longest world series drought in team history.

October 2000 - fired by the D-backs. November 2001 - D-backs win World Series.

It seems almost inevitable. And of course we will be subject to 4,915 articles over the next couple of days making the same claim.


  1. Uh, oh. I forgot about this whole "Grady Little in the postseason" thing.

  2. Grady who??? Bam bam, double play at home. Entertainment plus.

  3. Grady made a monumental error by leaving one of the best pitchers ever in a huge doubt about it...However, the guy is not an idiot. Peter, not sure if you were blaming the double play at home on him, but that wasn't his fault. One thing is for sure, he has his guys playing very hard for ALL 9 innings which is more than I can say for Francona this year (not in '04, of course).

    I was pulling for Nomar yesterday in the ninth. I was pulling for D-Lowe.

    Seriously, if Pedro wasn't hurt, yesterday would have been D-Lowe v. Pedro WITH Grady Little managing one of the teams. That would have been great.

    We also got to see Chad Bradford...How about Mike Myers giving up the bomb the other night.

    And, Wells goes today...and Dave Roberts will be playing behind him.

    I think it is really cool to see all these guys around the league.

  4. What did Peter Y say that had to be removed? Is he a Yankees fan? Because if he is, let's make sure that he knows that the Yankees will also be playing golf very soon...with no additional rings on their hands to mess with their swings...

  5. Peter N, please notice that I said Peter Y...and that is because someone named Peter Y came in and posted something that was removed. I am guessing he's a Yankee fan...

  6. Yea... I deleted Peter Y's comment. It was another idiotic Yankee post. I think it might be the same guy as a couple of days ago that Longo deleted.

  7. Well, that pretty much shoots down my theory that Peter/Paul Y is actually Dino. I didn't think people were actually that stupid.