Thursday, October 19, 2006

Meaningless, useless "statistics"

From the MLB homepage at

"Good news for New York: Home teams are 7-4 all-time in LCS Game 7's."

I just hate stuff like that. As much as I want the Mets to win (a team with 83 wins should not make to the WS), there is pratically no information, and no predictive power, in a "stat" like that. It was about two years ago (two years ago tomorrow, to be exact) that they could have written a very similar, equally stupid caption:

"Good news for New York: Home teams are 6-3 all-time in LCS Game 7's."

(Man, that just doesn't get old.)

1 comment:

  1. It really doesn't get old! That is awesome! I was trying explain home field advantage to my african roommate, and I am correct in saying that the advantage comes less from the crowd and more from the shape of the park? For example, the Sox are built to win in Fenway because they can hit off the wall.