Saturday, October 14, 2006

Saynora Senor Psycho

Steve Lyons - fired by Fox. For making racially sensitive comments about Lou Pinella. Who knew Sweet Lou was Hispanic. Now Lyons has a small history, but this seems extreme to me.

A couple more thoughts.... The big Boo-Ya Frank Thomas whined last night that Kenny Rogers hit him on purpose. With an 0-2 count nonetheless. Frank you should be happy that you got on base somehow.

Who would have thought Milton Bradley would be the most clutch player for Oakland in the ALCS.

And Suppan is pitching well. Based on this offseason, I would say that the best way to have success in the post season is to be cast off pitcher from the AL East. Kenny Rogers, Jeff Suppan, Jeff Weaver, David Wells - have all pitched decent this postseason.


  1. Well. Detroit with the sweep...and the Mets are in trouble. Right now the two teams that want it the most (or at least appear as if they do) are on fire.

    I know that MLB doesn't necessarily want to see a Detroit/St Louis WS (because of ratings and revenues), but, at this point, I'd love to see those two teams go toe-to-toe.

    The Mets pitching just can't cut it without Pedro and El Dookie...although I am pulling for them.

  2. GR, my thoughts exactly. The Mets are on a window ledge, and one wrong step will result in free fall...tonight is the night for them to step back, off that ledge and into a tied NLCS. Up to them, I guess. I'll be watching. Enjoy your Sunday GYS guys!

  3. Re: Steve Lyons...I'm fine with it. His joke, which may have equated being Hispanic to being a pickpocket, was sort of racist, maybe. I say "maybe" because it made no sense, and the "joke" wasn't at all funny. In fact, all of the stuff he says makes no sense and isn't (intentionally) funny. So even if his comment wasn't super-offensive, so long as it made for a convenient excuse to fire him, I'm fine with it. (Also, his contract was expiring in a couple days, and his previous comments about the blind guy were much worse.)

  4. Well, Lyons is a bufoon, but he and Brenahan are better than Buck and McCarver. If his contract was up, they should have just let it go and not renewed him. I agree, the comments made no sense. And I can't imagine they received calls complaining about it.

    Maybe Fox can now clone Joe Buck and have him do all their games now. They are doing it in the NFL with him hosting the pre game shows now.

    One thing that jumped out from last night's Cards game. The Cards won 105 games in 04 and only 83 this year. Which means they have gotten much, much worse than the Sox since the 04 WS.

  5. and yet...the Cards may be going to the WS and the Sox are playing golf...

    Steve Lyons sucks...

    Most announcers suck...

    Jeremy sucks...

  6. One more reason to cheer for Detroit.

    It was not too long ago that Ozzie Guillen was popping off about Magglio Ordonez and how he probably wished he never went to Det. As well as Andy van slyke, Detroit's first base coach.