Monday, October 23, 2006

MLB postseason pool: results

Thanks for playing, everyone! The postseason isn't over, but thanks to a boatload of awful predictions, the pool is. The scoring: 1 point for each correct ALDS/NLDS pick; 3 points for each correct ALCS/NLCS pick; 5 points for correctly picking the World Series champs. The contestants are me, X, Dino, and 19 of ESPN's baseball "experts".

THE RESULTS (max score=15)

Peter Gammons: 2
Buster Olney: 2
Steve Phillips: 2
Gary Gillette: 2
Bob Klapisch: 2
Earl: 1
X: 1
Jayson Stark: 1
Jerry Crasnick: 1
Eric Neel: 1
Keith Law: 1
Tim Kukjian: 1
Enrique Rojas: 1
Phil Rogers: 1
I Believe In Dinosaurs: 0
Rob Neyer: 0
Jim Caple: 0
Alan Schwarz: 0
Eric Karabell: 0
Pedro Gomez: 0
John Shea: 0
Sean McAdam: 0

Wow. I can't decide which is saddest: that no one at ESPN (people who get paid to follow baseball) picked more than 2 series correctly; that only five of them did better than me or X; or that one of those five was Steve Phillips.

(Also, there's a nice analysis of the ESPN picks over at Fire Joe Morgan)


  1. Hey don't forget I started that post and in the comments laid out my predictions. I get a whopping score of ZERO!

    Sweet post, love you guys

  2. Oops- you're now included.

    I love you too.

  3. Damn - Earl and I are good.

    If we were ESPN employees, we'd be in the top 1/3. Pretty impressive to know that we matched or exceeded two thrirds of their "experts."

    Then again, Jim Caple, Steve Phillips, and Pedro Gomez, being called an expert in anything is a bit of a stretch. It would be like using the term leading lady to describe Roseanne.