Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lists/pop quiz

I don't really have anything useful to say about the Lidle thing; it's just so tragic, and really puts the whole "sports" and "rivalry" things into perspective. (My sister lives basically across the river from the building, so can see it from her street.) Alan Schwarz's article is definitely worth reading. Anyway...

Turning to happier, and less important,'s a quiz. What's this a list of?
  1. 2006 Red Sox
  2. 2003 Mets
  3. 2001 Red Sox
  4. 2002 Red Sox
  5. 2002 Rangers
I'll give you a's a related list, one I like much, much more:
  1. 2005 Yankees
  2. 2006 Yankees
  3. 2004 Yankees
  4. 2003 Yankees
  5. 2002 Yankees


  1. I am not sure, but looking at those lists...I am going to say it has something to do with money and not winning a championship.

    Like highest payrolls that didn't win a championship...Or team with the highest paid player that didn't win a championship.

    Am I on the right track?

  2. Yep, you got the second one: highest payrolls which didn't win a championship ($208M, $194M, $184M, $152M, $126M).

    ...So what's the first list?

  3. highest payrolls that didn't make the playoffs

  4. Yep, pretyy sad. $120M, $117M, $110M, $108M, $106M. But that's in absolute dollars. In real (inflation-adjusted) dollars, the 2003 Mets were the worst.

  5. I could not hazard a guess...but nice mind candy. And today, early afternoon for you, until evening, but for us evening into night, is a nice doubleheader. And it's finally broken the 40 degree mark, here in North central CT. And it's BEFORE noon. The leaves are great lookng on their death beds. Go Mets...go Tigers. Go you guys! Take care.