Friday, October 27, 2006

The Tigers Win! The Tigers Win!

I was going to post this under X's previous post, but with a headline like that I couldn't resist! I am not sure if it was Buck of sycophant McCarver who remind us all of this "stat": in the two previous World Series between the Tigers and the Cardinals the winner of Game 4 eventually loses in game 7. Anyway, I can't believe they will even bother to play it out. With stats like that we should just crown the Tigers champs!

Getting back to sycophant McCarver, it is truly amazing how much ass he kisses and how much more noticable it is when the Yankees (the ass he loves most to kiss) aren't playing. To paraphase his commentary regarding Granderson's double last night, "that is a beautiful hit by Granderson, beautiful fielding by Wilson, and great base running by Granderson" - ugh. He sounds lost. With out the Yankees around he doesn't want to get left out in the cold by kissing the wrong ass, so he opts for kissing all ass. (Note to Jeff Passan, you have my permission to freely reuse this material).


  1. The Tigers 2007 maybe. Sloppy baseball so far...and Leyland NOT starting KR tonight?? Possibly a fatal error. That's what I just wrote about. And guys, thanks for having my back! Great weekend!!!

  2. Hey - Dino with a post. Very impressed.

    McCarver really is a strange one. I think he is losing it. Seriously. Just like Kiner did when announcing the Mets. I will say that McCarver has backed off his NY ass kissing - after he got fired from announcing the Yankees games for YES.

    But yeah, he does have this weird way of announcing. Like when Zumaya threw the ball away in Game three. He got all worked up and then had this dramatic statement. THAT (wait.......wait......wait.......) was a really BAD play by Zumaya. Plus all his stuff like you pointed out on the Granderson hit.

    Oh and nice picture.

  3. Our favorite writer, Murray Chass, has a great article out today. And by great I mean, great for hom, terrible for us. It is great for him that he can actually have a job, but not really put any effort into it. the piece today is simply a collection of unrelated paragraphs. Well, I guess they are related in that they are generally about the Tigers, but they don't really make any point. The best is that the title is "World Series Leaves Lessons to Consider." Perhpas, but not from that article. Ugh.

  4. Rats... my prediction didn't work out. So much for statistics!

    PS - the ChASS article was so... so lame.