Tuesday, October 10, 2006

am I a bad person...

...for actually hoping Steinbrenner fires Torre and hires Piniella? I think Torre's pretty damn overrated, but I still like the guy, and just like I don't think he doesn't deserve all the credit for the 1996-2000 run, I don't think he deserves much blame for the last couple playoff losses. Firing him would be such an utterly stupid act...but obviously that's a good thing. And Torre's going into the HOF anyway, so it's hard to feel too bad for him. So instead, I think of the entertainment value - a new twist on the Jeter vs. A-Rod saga, Piniella's on-field temper tantrums ("Yankee class!" "Mystique and Aura!"), Torre actually saying something negative once he's fired, etc. Wheeee!

[I'm sure this joke's been made 100,000 times already, but some team (Yanks? Cubs?) should sign Buck Showalter to a $10M, one-year contract.]


  1. No kidding about Pinella. It would just be a matter of time before he publicly expressed some frustration. Unlike Torre or Francona who basically recite canned non-sense all the time. Plus Torre’s book would be pretty good as well. Obviously Joe has put up with crap for 11 years, but he can’t be too happy reading in the papers this morning that George has not “made up his mind yet.” I lost a little respect for him when he accepted an extension a few years back. And I will lose a little more if he does not retire now. Then again, it is tough to walk away from $7MM per year. Plus I’m sure he wants to go out with one more win. And then give George the big F-off.

  2. Dammit, George King is reporting Joe is staying. Too bad.

    (Of course, if he's totally wrong, that would make the whole thing even more awesome.)

  3. And Murray Ch–ASS says that Yankee fans should blame Mussina. That guy is a piece of work. Before the season he was saying how Pavano was the key to Yankee success. So why is Pavano not the man to blame now? And I love how the King story is billed as an Exclusive. Sometimes writers are so stupid. Even Buster Olney today was annoying. He had his 10 key matchups for the LCS and interjected that “scouts say” something that he was noting about a dozen times. Its like he needs some validation or needs to quote “anonymous” scouts to give more weight to his opinion/prediction? Does it make the story anymore meaning? Is anyone really reading it an thinking, “well I don’t know if I believe Buster, oh wait two scouts confirmed that Thomas can turn on the inside fastball. Okay, it must be true.”