Wednesday, October 11, 2006


So, despite Tommy Lasorda's best efforts, I admittedly haven't been watching very much of the postseason (the west coast is so great for watching baseball - you can watch "normal" 7:00 games from work, and you never have to stay up late). So I don't have much to say about the last few games. Except that Barry Zito's value just went down by about $10M. Makes no sense, but it's the reality.

(Thoughts on where Zito will be next year? I'm assuming a NYY/BOS bidding war will occur, but they can't be the only ones.)


  1. The Sox and the Yanks will be one of probably 5 or 6 intense bidders. The off season will prove to be more eventful than this past September. Except for Papi's fulfilled quest.

  2. The Zito question is a big one. All indications are that he wants top dollar (i.e., Scott Boras). He is really into music and there is a lot of talk that he wants to be in NY or LA. I think the Giants could be a sleeper pick. McGowan has to be genuinely torn about Bonds – wanting him to break the record next year. In Pac Bell. It could rejuvenate interest in the franchise, which no longer sells out on a nightly basis. So if they let Bonds go and exercise their option on Schmidt, sign Zito, they have an outstanding rotation with Cain. Zito loves living in SF. Texas could be a player as well. But like Peter says, there will be 6 or more teams in the bidding. And with Boras, you can guarantee he will wait until January and pump it up with statements like 23 teams have contacted me on Barry…..

    And with pitching being so scarce, it would not surprise me if he gets the largest contract ever. $100 MM is not out of the question. Sure his performance was a bit off last night, but he just did not have command. And the shocking thing is that the Tigers laid off some tough pitches – very uncharacteristic of them.

    Olney yesterday talked about key matchups in the series and was wrong on almost all of them (at least the ones that played out) – Detroit hitters were patient, Chavez made a HUGE error.

    Oh yeah and these Lasorda commercials are terrible. I wonder if he would have agreed to make them if he knew the Dodgers (my pick for the WS) would be 3 and out?

  3. I think that the Mets make a huge run (maybe the biggest dollars) at Zito. With Pedro hurting (and we all know he'll continue to hurt now), Glavine on the way out, and a weak completion of the rotation they will be looking to add a top of the rotation guy.

    With the team they have (*and will have for the next couple of years) Minaya will not sit back and let Trachsel be his ace...As X said, 100MM is not out of the question, and Minaya loves to spend money.

  4. Yeah, Mets/Dodgers/Giants all make a lot of sense. Potential contenders, lots of money, cities he'd like, not too much pressure. I guess San Diego could be on that list too (if I were a pitcher, I'd be looking for a sweet NL gig). Seattle or Anaheim also, I suppose?

    Or maybe Ricciardi will offer him $23M to go to Toronto.

  5. One other factor to consider is if they do something short - maybe 3 years at around $18MM and then Zito will have another chance to be a FA when he is still early 30s. Just a thought - maybe the have learned a lesson from A-rod, that having "Highest Paid" or "Largest Contract" hung on a player only makes him a target.