Saturday, October 21, 2006

Possibly the worst baseball article ever

Today's NY times has this rubbish from Tyler Kepner actually giving credit to Scott Boras for the Tigers being in the World Series. I guess that these things happen when someone goes from being a beat writer to actually writing a column. Without a formula for game coverage to fall back on, the job gets harder and you have to reach. There a couple of references to Mike Ilitch, but not a single mention of the Tigers GM (Dombrowski).

I am still shaking my head on this one.


  1. This made me sick. Tyler Kepner is now
    officially history, gone. Disappear, Kepner, you've revealed yourself as an
    immature, gutless sycophant.

  2. I receive the Times, along with the Hartford Courant, on my doorstep every morning, before 6:30. And I DID read this article. And ya know what? This part of the paper was used in the bottom of my beloved cat's litter box. I hope i don't have to worry because it's there. Maybe it will mellow with age.......but I doubt it. Great stuff guys. Tigers had better get their "S" together. Soon.