Monday, January 31, 2005

Sox Add New Pitcher

Boston Red Sox: Japanese pitcher Denny Tomori has agreed to a minor league contract with the World Series champion Red Sox.

The 37-year-old Tomori was 0-1 last season for Yokohama in Japan's Central League and is 18-28 with 30 saves in 13 seasons in Japanese professional baseball.

Not great numbers. A little on the old side. I wonder what the Sox see in him?


  1. Well, he apparently has a bizarre throwing style, and can hit maybe he can be one of those mid-season callups who has an ERA of 0 for like a month, before there's enough tape on him that hitting coaches and batters completely figure him out and tee off on him. We used to have tons of guys like that in 2001-02...can't remember who, though the words "Bill Pulsipher" come to mind. The only trick with someone like that sending him back down before the teeing-off begins.

    Anyway, for more information on Denny Tomori, check out this site. The articles are AWESOME.

  2. Also, according to the headlines on that site (sorry, my ?ese is pretty rusty), Toronto and LA expressed interest also. Hmmm...Theo, DePodesta, and Ricciardi all wanted him? Must be something there?...

  3. Speaking of random Sox pitchers, it looks like we'll have the opportunity to face one of our own this season. This ought to be interesting!