Thursday, January 20, 2005

A's-Mets trade

So there's this potential trade of Cameron for Byrnes and Dorfdarb. I can see why the Mets would want to get rid of their old center fielder and pick up bullpen help, but what's in it for the A's? I don't get it. Surely Beane knows the "Once a Met, always a Met" rule is more powerful than any statistic.

In other news, Los Angeles doesn't want the Angels. And the Marlins were called terrorists. All in all, a great day for recent flukey World Series winners.


  1. Well Cameron is better than Byrnes (but not that much better). And he has far more upside. But I would tend to agree that Byrnes and Bradford for Cameron - and I would think the A's would be looking for the Mets to pay some of Cameron's salary. I would rather pay byrnes $2.5 than Cameron $6.

    It is a bit of a head scratcher.

    Okay - I think I will need a tutorial on making an article a one work link as well. This blogging is all new to me.

    And I sure hope Thomas comes back when he is done with that girl.

  2. Cameron for Byrnes and Dorfdarb?! What is Beane thinking? Drofdarb has been incredibly affective as a middle reliever by the simple fact that hitters have to adjust to a radical pitch height.

    Byrnes may not have the ability of Cameron as a CF but he's pretty damn good and why would the A's need more defense anyway. Ok - Brynes had a hot start and then Jesse left him in his line up so naturally he cooled way down and last year I think he wasn't even drafted or picked up. That being said in an AL only league he would be a player.

    What is Beane looking for in this trade?

  3. Whoops -- Beane just shot down this rumor.

  4. I think what really happened is Billy Beane checked into the GYS Network and heard what we had to say about the deal and was so embarassed that he denied the entire thing.

    Billy - if you're reading this - smart move!

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