Sunday, January 30, 2005

Dare I ask

Just reading up on the Sammy trade. NY Daily News reporter hinted (barely hinted, but enough to make the suggestion) at steroid use on behalf of slugging Sammy.

Anyone on the Sox? Of course I want to say no way. And based on the alleged 5-7% reported from 2003 that would mean one per team, but I do think that was probably low considering players knew the testing was coming.

Okay, so maybe Kapler, but he is gone.

So that leaves in my suspicious list, in order of potential likelihood (based of course on pure speculation):

Manny (probably not smart enough to figure out how to?)

I'm not suggesting all of these guys have, but we must at least consider the possibility.


  1. Yeah, it's one of those things you like thinking about in terms of "the other guys"...tough to consider your own team, especially if they are World Champions, might play a role.

    Poor Millar -- 4th AND 6th. You just don't trust that guy, huh?

    Yeah, it's pretty much impossible to say...not like it matters, but apparently back in high school Kapler looked like he does now -- he's always worked out a lot (or else he's always been on 'roids), perhaps because he knew his raw talent wasn't quite MLB level.

    Manny? I doubt it -- his pure ability is just ridiculous, and except for a jump in SLG between 98-99, he's been really consistent throughout his career in terms of his stats.

    Ortiz I (sadly) wonder about. He certainly doesn't look it, but there's no question his power numbers are shooting through the roof.

    I think you're right on with the other possibilities -- really-good-but-not-great players who realize an extra .050 on the SLG could translate to a few mil a year. Varitek/Nixon/Millar/Bellhorn.

    Can't think of any on the Sox, but candidates also include the bottom-of-the-barrel-just-happy-to-be-here types: Gerald Williams, Karim Garcia, Shane Spencer, etc. Funny, I picked all former Yankees...

  2. My vote for possible 'roid head on the Sox would be Nixon. Not from his stats, but because he was out most of last year. Yeah, maybe he was injured but maybe he was getting clean.

    The other name I'd just like to mention is Nomar. He was pretty jacked and totally obsessive.

  3. I thought that Trot was. There is no way that he missed almost an entire season due to a back injury (from driving?) and a torn quad. That was his detox year. Plus, he's sort of a hot-head...

    Tek? I'd say no. He's a big guy, but his bat has actually slowed (probably because of his broken arm). His power numbers don't really support it.

    Millar? He looks like a softball player. Hard to say...I wouldn't really include him, but it isn't impossible.

    Bellhorn? Last time I checked he doesn't really hit for power...he doesn't really hit at all. He walks a lot and plays 2b (where you don't need a good arm). He also isn't very excitable.

    With that in mind, may I nominate that most likely Yankee to return to crappy form? That's right, their number 6 starter...Tanyon Sturtze. Juice heaven for that guy. He won't be overpowering anyone this year that is for sure.

    Overall, I think we're going to see a lot of guys lose "water weight" by the time spring traing comes around (in 2-3 weeks!)...

    I am glad the Sox didn't run at Beltran or other big sluggers as I wouldn't be surprised to see the HR title won by someone with 35-38 HRs this year.