Monday, January 24, 2005

Oh wait... that's why we didn't sign DLowe

Check out this short bit about cost/average performance for the top 5 and bottom 5 pitchers in MLB last year.

On a related note the NESN DVD pointed out DLowe is the only pitcher to ever win three series in playoff history. That's interesting, but there have only be 3 rounds for 5 or so years, right? Dave, do you know of any pitchers that have won the series in both in the ALCS and WS?


  1. Oh and I forget to mention... Johan rocks! When is this guy up for Free agency?

  2. Well, I do not have all the info, but here is what I do know.

    2004 was the first year someone had won all three deciding games. It also, believe it or not was the 10th year of the expanded 3 rounds of playoffs.

    Of course prior to that, there was an LCS for 25 years. 1968 was the first year of the LCS.

    The last pitcher to be the winning pitcher in the deciding game of an LCS was, believe it or not, Randy Johnson in 2001 - hit pitched the deciding game against the Braves and then picked up the win in relief of Schilling in Game 7.

    Clemens won the deciding game 4 in the 99 series and the deciding game 3 in the division series - but of course the Sox pounded his ass in the LCS.

    I know Dave Stewart should have done in 1993, but his bullpen let him down (he did not get the win) and they cam back and got the win on Carter's HR.

    I think Hershiser did it in 88. So, yes there were a bunch of others.