Sunday, January 23, 2005

Faith Rewarded....

I finally watch the NESN DVD. It's actually quite good. I thought the coverage of the season leading up to the playoffs was well done, especially capturing the .500 streach and then the turning point. The A-fraud/Varitek moment was especially well done!

Of course the emphasis on the ALCS is awesome and worth watching again. I can't believe how loose these guys are before big games. I know that is their "secret" but still - i'ts uncanny. To that point, Millar comes out of this as a total unsung hero. He contributed during the playoffs, most notably with that key walk in game 3 of the ALCS, but I think he's the glue. I fear that there may be a "Latin" thing and an "idiot" (a.k.a Redneck) thing going on and Millar helps bring both sides together. Cabrerra did a lot to bridge the gap too, but now that he's gone I worry about losing Millar.

That being said, nothing really matters because the Red Sox are World Series Champions!!!


PS - I was in Ithaca the other day and this accountant for some MD I was talking to, asked after learning if I am from Boston if I were a Red Sox fan. Upon learning the answer he said something to the effect, "it won't happen again". My response, "it doesn't need to.... I've wait all my life to watch them win it once". I could tell it kind of pissed him off. It's great! Yankee fans can't even enjoy the fact that their Evil Empire, I mean franchise has way more world series wins because no one gives a shit.

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