Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Is there a better way to measure baserunning?

Than having some suck up former Yankee beat writer proclaim Derek Jeter the best baserunner in the game.

There must be an equation that Bill James has (could) developed that would account for times on base (H+BB+ROE-HR)/runs scored (less HR) /SB (I hear the point that you don't have to be a great base stealer to be a great base runner, but it should count for something) productivity of hitters that follow you (probably OPS factoring out HR).

Remember when all the writers wanted annoint A-Fraud to the running hall of fame after he "stole" 3B against the Twins. Ugh.

Two words. Dave Roberts.


  1. Yeah, that was weird, focusing on Jeter for baserunning, given this postseason saw the Most Important Steal in Baseball History.

    My main recollection with Jeter's baserunning is when he ran home on A-Rod's grounder to first...only to have to run back to first when A-Rod was called out for interference.

  2. And he did his gay little fist pump right about the same time, A-Fraud was bitch slapping at the ball that Arroyo had.

    But Jeter did show good form running back to first base.