Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Mient to the Mets?

Wow...looks like this might get done. What does this mean for the Sox?

The deal would involve the Red Sox sending Mient to the Mets for cash and a minor league player (name not available). The Mets made their move after talks stalled with Delgado.

I know Millar has meant a lot to the Sox, but I would have preferred Mient over there at first. Granted his bat hasn't been great over the past year or so, but inconsistent playing time has something to do with that. I think Mient has a great swing for Fenway, and he would bail out Youk (giving the kid confidence) when Youk has to fill in for Mueller or Bellhorn. That is a huge plus. Mient, Bellhorn, Renteria, Mueller is a very good infield...Millar, Bellhorn, Renteria, Mueller is an average to good infield.

The other thought on this is that the Sox rotation will be (when healthy) Schilling, Wells, Miller, Clement, Arroyo/Wakefield. Mostly fly-ball types. Maybe clearing out Mient will give a few more innings to Ortiz at first while DHing Manny from time to time. Putting the focus on better defense in the outfield with Damon, Payton, and Nixon.

But, who knows? Maybe Millar is on the way out as well. This would, of course, open the door for the Sox to make the move for Delgado. They would then bring McCarty up from AAA for the defensive replacement role.

In the meantime, (and by this I mean "in reality") the Sox know what they have with Millar. He was the safer bet. He won't kill you at first and putting in a glove in the late innings to replace him worked well last year. He will also, for the most part, help you with some power in the lineup and patience at the plate.

Maybe, after all, saying goodbye to Doug is the safer move.


  1. Per my previous post on the "Faith Rewarded" DVD, Millar plays a very critical role for the Red Sox. He is the "glue". With out him I think the club house would not be as tight as it is and they wouldn't be having as much fun and therefore wouldn't be as loose.

    My thought is that management recognizes this plus the fact that he can come off the bench and add some pop or spell Ortiz or Manny in the field is terrific.

    That being said, Matt's observations I think are solid. Mient is a better glove man, but with pop up pitchers maybe the Sox saw him as expendable.

  2. I mostly agree with you, except for the "making a move for Delgado" part. The Delgado sweepstakes is over, no?

  3. Also, the Sox still don't have a 5th outfielder, right? Who could it be? The plan isn't to call someone up, is it?

  4. The guy they are counting on for the 5th OF is Adam Stern - I think he was a rule 5 pickup. From I've read, good glove man with decent speed. But if we are talking about a 5th OF, not really a big deal unless someone gets hurt.

    Yeah, Delgado is a done deal with Florida from what I'm reading. Thank God. That works perfect. Out of the AL East for his las two (maybe even one) productive years. Plus as written in this space before, the guy has Mo Vaughn written all over him. There was no way the Sox would have invested 3 or 4 years in this guy at those $$.

    It seems to make sense to keep Millar. While defense is important to Theo, I think there is too much being made of it at first base. Millar's offensive numbers are far superior to Doug. Plus, Millar is the type of guy that can carry a team on offense for a week or two at a time (for better or for worse).

    And if all else fails - the Red Sox are the World Champions.

  5. Yes, well, the Delgado reason is the reason why I added the "in reality" part...

    I think that Hyzdu may have a shot as the #5 OF, and maybe the Sox give Earl Snyder a shot this year (he was the PAWSOX top hitter last year) as another 1B. Maybe that's why they minor-leagued McCarty? If Snyder makes the squad, McCarty is done? Or does dumping Mient guarantee McCarty the defensive replacement role? Tough call.

    Maybe the Sox carry an extra pitcher out of Spring Training because of the chance of injuries?

    I guess we'll know in a very short time. But considering Curt came out in a wheelchair on "Celebrity Poker" I can't see him being ready by April...

  6. Earl Snyder was lost in the minor league draft to TB, so I guess it is between Hydzu and Stern. Although if Stern does not make the big league club, they have to send him back to Atlanta (he was a rule 5 pickup). they say he is pretty fast (27 SB last year in AA) and can play all 3 OF positions, so maybe he is the man. Hydzu might still have options (not sure).

    Hey, if we are debating our fifth OF spot, that is pretty good. Some teams (not to mention names) don't even know who their everyday first baseman is.

  7. The Yankees!!! Oh, wait did I mention a team by name? Oops, my bad. But it is definitely the Yankees who don't have an everyday first baseman at this point.

    Yankees. From NY. No first baseman. Well, alot of them, but who is going to start? For the Yankees. Mentioned by name.

  8. I guess we could have been referring to any team from NY. Although even the Mets seem to be able to resolve their 1B issue.

    Rumor has it that Giambi is going to hold a press conference some time in the next two weeks. To address the BALCO, steroids, "I am a big, fat liar that can not hit a baeball anymore, but still want my $82 Million" mess. I assume they think if he addresses it now, it won't be as big a distraction come spring training. Yeah, we'll see about that.