Friday, January 21, 2005

Here we go

It appers A-Fraud just doesn't know when to shut up. The same could be said for Schilling, but Schilling can talk - he is a world champion and has played in the World Series. The article says that A-Rod is still searching for his first World Series ring - how about just getting there for starters. Like Schilling has done 3 times.

Interesting - "While Rodriguez hit .270 in the first half, he batted .307 after the All-Star break. Playing in New York was far different than in Seattle, where he began, or in Texas."

He started to hit when they moved him to the 2 hole (less pressure) and lest we not forget he may have played better but the Yankees nearly blew a 10 game lead. He played better, but the team played worse - story of his career.

Last thing to chuckle about. On the Unit:

"He's going to pitch well. He's going to enjoy the run support and the good defense behind him," Rodriguez said.

The good defense? Yeah, have him ask Mariano about how good Bernie is in CF.


  1. I agree about A-Rod needing to shut up, but I don't agree that having two rings somehow excuses Schilling from partaking in this childish back-and-forth. It's making the greatest rivalry in sports look like an argument between a couple overpaid loudmouth brats. It's not like this is Fisk/Munson or Bill Lee/whatsisface. Just two top players on the teams talking smack. I wish Curt would realize silence is golden -- he would "win" simply by refusing to respond.

    Side rant: his "spokesman for America" bit is tired, and his vociferous politicking was downright unprofessional.

    Side side rant: don't you love it that conservatives constantly complain about celebs talking politics...unless they're conservative themselves? Then it's okay.

  2. Agreed. I was not trying to imply that it is okay for Schilling to yap - just pointing out that A-Rod has not even been to a WS.

    The Post had a bit more details from the A-rod conference call. More nuggets;

    A-Rod also cited the additions of starters Carl Pavano and Jaret Wright and relievers Mike Stanton and Felix Rodriguez as signs of "great depth in our pitching now.

    "Last year, that was our biggest weakness and now it is perhaps our biggest strength," he said.

    I'm not sure what he is trying to say, but at this time last year the Yankees were giddy in having added Vazquez and Brown as starters and Quantrill and Gordon to their pen Quantrill and Gordon were pretty damn good all year - not sure how that makes depth their greatest weakness.

    And a year ago Vazquez and Brown were more likely to be a sure thing (in my estimation) than Pavano and Wright.

  3. Nice...Also, RJ wasn't hurt by bad defense last year. He was hurt by a poor offense...Just shows you what a student of the game A-Rod is...