Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Milton Bradley

Did anyone see him last night on BDSSP. Talk about uncomfortable. He came out looking a little bit timid, but was trying to play it cool. Like "hey I'm happy to be here hanging out, etc." (still looked forced and not very relaxed) But then Tom Arnold and John Salley started giving him a hard time about his on field antics and Milton just got the deer in headlights look.

Arnold was funny trying to laugh it off, saying he should have thrown money at the fans instead of a water bottle and no one would have complained. Then they started "comparing" him to Artest and others that have bad boy images. You could just see Milton thinking "Man, I thought they were going to have me on and it would be all fun and games (No pun intended). Lots of joking and laughing."

I really thought he might actually lose it on the set. Finally they asked him how he had been lately and if he was in anger management classes. And Milton said, "Yeah all that stuff is long behind me." Salley say, "Long behind, huh? What you mean like a month ago with the cop." DefCon Five. And then about the anger management class he basically said "man I don't really need those. I'm about results. Not just sitting around talking about stuff."

It was classic. Needless to say, I don't think Milton will be back.


  1. I love sentences that start, "Hey, did anyone catch last night's Best Damn Sports Show Period, starring Tom Arnold?" Sort of like, "While I was busy gouging my eyes out with a hot poker..."

    That said, sounds like it was a pretty good show. Maybe I'll have to start watching. Hahahahahaha

  2. You know, laugh all you want. But there is some pretty funny stuff on there. As much as Arnold is a goof, he is not as bad as you might think. He knows sports, he is pretty funny, he makes fun everyone (including himself). They get pretty good guests. And they are not afraid to mix it up with the guests. I admit I like it much better during baseball season.

    Compared to some of the crap that is on ESPN. PTI? Around the Horn?

  3. I know, I was just being a jerk. The worst has to be I, Max. That's damn near unwatchable. It's Max vs. "The World", in which "The World" somehow means "Michael Holley". That man does not speak for me.

  4. Holy shit. That is the best. In response I actually had added I, Max to the list of PTI and around the Horn. But then I remembered that show is on FOX and not ESPN.

    And yes, that might be the worst show on TV. And you are so right - Holley is on it every time and they are just ridiculous. It is painful. I think I would rather watch the View.

  5. Wow, talk about timing -- check out this piece in slate. I don't agree with all of it, but it makes a pretty great dig at I, Max.

  6. That was a great article! I hate to admit it but I've watch Steve A. Smith a couple of times and I have found myself getting sucked into the hyberbole. At first I found him refreshing because he was supportive of the Pistons last year. Then the Shaq/Kobe crap came up and he took both sides of the story at various stages of the conflict. That's when I realized he was working both sides to stay in front of the cameras.

    I don't mean to get too philosphical (and let's face it, no one listens to me any way) but isn't this an interesting parallel to what's happening to News Journalism as well?

    I am starting to hate my tv.