Monday, January 24, 2005

Red Sox Blogs Unite!

While we don't have the documentation yet (I am sure Dave has in his emails because he keeps everything) - how classic is it that I read this piece on Anna Benson from another Red Sox blog!

My answer to this Red Sox blogger. You are not alone my friend. We too at the GYS network find it very funny that she used the word "racked".

PS - I bet Pedro is a little pissed he won't get a shot.


  1. My bet is it probably went more along the lines of them getting in an argument over it big time. And then she went out and said "I'm joking."

    Either that or she thought Randy Johnson was signing with the Mets and not the Yankees and she was terrified of a) having to sleep with that ugly SOB and b) having to think about why they call him the Big Unit and what that might do to her.

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