Friday, January 21, 2005

File this under Greedy

So now clemens can mail it in, go on the DL with a pulled hammy.

And he can talk about how he was the highest paid player ever. Thank God Pedro is not still with the Sox or else he would be whining about the lack of respect, etc.


  1. And of course he will say he is coming back, not for the money, but because he feels that Houston has the chance to do something special and win a World Series and that he has been impressed with Mr. McLane's commitment to winning. Which of course would be a joke seeing as how the did not re-sign Beltran (or even offer Kent arbitration), they let Miller go (good for us, bad for them), and they have signed...... well Dave Burba, Jose Vizcaino, and Orlando Palmeiro. Those guys should help. Good times. Good times.

  2. It's really too bad he didn't sign with another team. I'd like him to piss off yet another fanbase.

    I guess the Astros see this as a business decision -- with Beltran gone, and their 2004 team basically dismantled, Roger is their only hope for selling tickets.

  3. I could not imagine being an Astro fan right now.

    They couldn't get Beltran. They lost Kent. Berkman is going to miss the start of the season.

    Their rotation is Clemens, Oswalt, Petite (coming off arm surgery) and take your pick from Brandon Duckworth, Pete Munro and Tim Redding.

    Bagwell and Biggio are getting older by the day.

    And Barbara Bush and the Bush twins were their front row stars in the playoffs.

    Clemens can't really think they will be good, so it has to be about the $18 Million. And he know they would pay it since they had to save some face. Of course he could still piss off Houston and ask for a trade during the season if they are 10 games back.