Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"There will be a lot of teams involved in deciding who goes to the playoffs this year."

One of the best Fire Joe Morgan articles ever, on one of the worst Joe Morgan chats ever. It's going to be a fun year over at ESPN.com.


  1. Well, what you've got to do here, you see, is sit dead red...dead red...it's a 2-2 count and he hasn't seen all the pitches the pitcher has...sit dead red. that's what i'd do...


    he stinks

  2. my favorite part of the chat (edited version):

    Brent S. fjm: Joe do you think the cards were the worst worldseries champ ever? Also, is ecksteins intagibles important?

    SportsNation Joe Morgan: I can't answer if they're the worst ever, because I didn't see all of the others that didn't win.

    KT: You should hang out with Carl Everett. He can't believe in dinosaurs because nobody ever saw them. And he has no interest in the scientific instruments that allow us to analyze them. You guys are sympatico.

  3. By the way...it looks like the Sox are happy to be in Fenway...what a thrashing!