Sunday, April 15, 2007

Best of the week Part Deux

Did you really expect me to be so foolish as to actually take my weekly gig seriously?! I didn't think so.

I liked the Lugo photo because it actually looks like he slapped Cabrera and it was a perfect analogy to what the Sox did this weekend.

There were only a couple other key images worthy of note from the week. As this is a biased blog, I make no apology for my focus on the Sox. The Sox started the week with a bang. The team hit a slight bump at the weekly hump when they ran head on into an exceptional pitching performance that went the wrong way. However, those Red Stockings responded with, dare I say, an unexpected performance from Curt and a reemergence of the offense that was helped by a hot-hand in Hinske. This should provide enough to at least kindle the fire under the boo-birds who are likely to focus their cacophany Coco's way.

Still, this image of Lugo is priceless and speaking as a Sox fan it is certainly nice to see him on base. This kid has speed! He showed that he can consistently score from second even on line drive singles. This fact should work out well for him this year.

notes: By the way, it's good to see that Bronson is still sporting the rock-star look. I hope this is not a trend!


  1. And a good baseball weekend out here. The Yanks managed to lose in extra innings on Friday (without having used their best releiver. Saturday they pulled out a 12 inning affair, running their bullpen innigs to 15 in two days. And today, Mariano served up a 3 run bomb with two outs to slugger Marco Scutaro. Who despite his size and light hitting has a knack for getting big hits. He's kind of like Oakland's Big Papi.

  2. Yes, nice to see the Yanks having to get to that bullpen. Some caller on EEI today quoted some stats her husband calculates. According to her the Yankee's starters have gone 4.2 innings versus the Sox's 6.1 innings per start so far this year. I'll take that. I guess the question now is who are the potential free agents for pitchers and how much will the Yankees pay. Oh yeah, Roger - right. Does anyone have a high amount of confidence that Roger will make the Yankee's better?

  3. Oh yeah, This is the most amazing thing. Ok, you didn't take the the bait? All I need to do is say the following words, Beer Pong, YouTube, Skater Video.

  4. Finally, tonight the LAAofA used a middle reliever with a funny name. Daisy and I had a good laugh at his expense. It got better when Daisy, the next day forgot his name and spat out, "Shoehead" which caused her to remember "BOOTCHECK"! I thought it was funny.