Friday, April 27, 2007

A look back at April (Fantasy land)

Pardon me for my brief diversion into fantasy land. The casual reader (that includes you too CHB) can guess that the main contributors (Earl, X, Grieve, and IBID) to GYS are also in a fantasy baseball league together. I know fantasy baseball has little to do with reality but I thought a brief diversion might be nice, seeing that we'll all be surfing the net anyway tonight as rain soaks NYC.

So, here is a list of the top ten hitters and pitchers in our league. The question is, who will remain hot and who will not. It should be noted that our league is an AL-only-no-yankee-no-arod league. Yes, we made sure if he got traded we couldn't pick him up. (Although Earl cleverly drafted him in the final round to see how long it would take us to notice). For the sake of comparison I threw in any Yankee that scored in the top 10.

Hitters: (Runs, HR, RBI, SB, Average)

0. Arod - Holy crap! Might this be true?!
1. Ian Kinsler - I think he's the real deal. He might plateau but he won't drop far.
2. Vlad - Is it me or are we just waiting for the next injury?
3. Vernon Wells - So solid, the Jays were smart to sign this guy long term
4. Magglio - WTF?
5. Sizemore - Honestly, I don't know... my guess is he will plateau
6. Hunter - WTF2?
7. Ortiz - Likely to climb the rankings
8. Hafner - Will be right on Ortiz's heels if not slightly in front
9. Crawford - Crazy good
0. Abreu - What can I say.. this guy rocked in Philly... he rocks in the Bronx
10. DeJesus - Ah... I love early season anomalies

Ok. Honestly, I don't get paid to do this so I'll do the pitchers later this weekend.!

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