Monday, April 16, 2007

It's On!

Wow...I never would have thought that this morning there would be a game played in Boston today. Yet, it is underway and the Sox are crushing. 6-1.

Nice job by the offense in the first...aided by a horrible throwaway by LAA of A.


  1. I think I just saw sunshine. It was for a brief moment, but I swore I saw it!

    It's nice to see porduction from the bottom of the line up. Go Cora!

  2. Not for nothin'...Wily Mo has a very good arm.

  3. Remember that time you were praising Cora and he hit into a weak double play?

  4. The Sox pitching staff have been fairly ridiculous really...If health stays on the side of this team, they are in unbelievable shape.

    If today's score holds, they will have given up 29 runs in 11 games. 15 of those runs came against them in 2 games.

    You would think that with pitching of that caliber that they' be 9-2...but they'll only be 7-4 after today.

  5. Wow that seals it. A very good outting for the Red Stockings. 25-3 over 27 innings. The LAA of A only lead for 2 innings and that includes the bottom of the first when they got a HR for Cabrera.

    This made me happy. Now let's go on to Toronto and kick some ASS!

  6. Wow... I think my head just exploded.