Thursday, April 19, 2007


Dude is insane. 10 HR (2 walkoffs), 25 RBI in just 14 games. Pretty amazing how one guy is singlehandedly carrying the entire team - reminds me of Vlad with the Angels the last couple weeks of 2004. But then I see pictures like this and get all pissy. Is it just my intense anti-Yankee bias, or does he seem incredibly obnoxious in most of his celebratory photos?

On the topic, this - from a week ago! - is pretty hilarious.

Off the topic, so is this. And this and this.


  1. But you know even if he wins 4 more games with walk offs this year, the Yankee fans will still boo him if he goes 0-4 in October (if they get to October).

    The TOR beer thrower, is it just me or does the Sox guy have a Carl Everett jersey on. I can't tell. It looks like the last three letters are ETT. But it also looks like the jersey has a 9 at the end and since Everett wore "2" it probably is not him. Is it Greenweel and 39?

    And that picture with him wiht his arms out? What an ass. I'm sure his teammates hate him. And its like he's saying "Look at me. I did good."

    They can have him. At least for 6 more months.

  2. That KT is annoying. I agree that Joe Morgan isn't very good, but that guy was nitpicking...

    Also, I swore when I first watched the Toronto beer throwing that it was Jimmy Fallon and Rachel Dratch as the "Southies"...but it was real...

    A-Rod is ridiculous right now. In a way, I hope he hits over 73 homers this year just so Bonds isn't the record holder long as the Yankees don't win a ton of games as a result, that is...

  3. I'm really with the FJM crowd 100%. I am sick and tired of people who get paid 6 figures for "analysis", who don't actually say anything. The mere fact that Joe Morgan always says "I don't see them play every day so I can't comment" is grounds for firing him.

  4. Imagine if Bonds goes on the DL ofr a couple of months and his quest for 755 is pushed back to September. And on the same night A-Rod hits 73 and 74.

  5. Yes, Morgan makes alot of money and isn't good...but he isn't, at least, taking pot shots at people.

    Seriously, if you listen to many analysts they blather on and on...especially the ex-ball players. McCarver, Kiner, Morgan, Lyons (who doesn't do it anymore), etc...Sox fans are spoiled with Remy.

    But, it isn't that I like Morgan, it is just that other guy is trying to find anyway to say that Morgan is a dope.

  6. I've said it before in these forums as have others: A-Rod is the modern day "Mr. May". He just happens to be "Mr. April" this year. Let's see how he plays in October.

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  8. Playoffs last year: 1-14, failing to reach second base. Mr. April is just that.

  9. Morgan is pretty brutal. Sure he does not take shots at people, but who really does? Morgan talks like a complete idiot. And he blogs like one as well. He constantly contradicts himself. And says things that are flat out false. And for an ex-player, I would expect more. Hell, as self serving as Schilling's blog is, I can get more insight from that in a month than I have from Joe in the last 15 years. And I really don't think 38 pitches brings that much to the table. That being said, there is something soothing about Morgan's voice. Maybe it is that we have grown used to it over time, but even when he talks complete crap, if you don't really listen to the words and their meaning, he haas a great flow to his loquacious-ness.

    Funny you should say that about Rem-Dawg. I like Jerry. I also think that "as Sox fans" we have fallen a bit into the same trap as with Morgan. His familiarity allows us to like him a lot. I think Rem is solid, but he is probably mid-pack when it comes to analysts. Certainly better than McCarver. But there are some solid guys out there. Steve Stone is fantastic. Jim Plamer does a great job on Orioles games. When Kaat was doing Yankee games, he was teh only sane voice in the YES box. When Tony Kubek did games, he was by far and away the best. The thing that bugs me about Remy is he gets a bit silly at times. I know its a long season. And some games get out of hand. But he does get a bit too far out of hand at times.

    Hey, who do the Sox play tonight???