Monday, April 02, 2007


Me, in the comments, 5:03 pm (3rd inning, score still 1-2):
Ugh. I can see it now...Shaughnessy making some snarky comment in tomorrow's paper about Schilling "thinking too much about what he'll write in his blog that evening rather than what pitch he'll throw next"...

What CHB actually wrote:
Blogmaster Schilling threw like a man suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, yielding five runs on eight hits and two walks in just four innings. 38pitches? That's almost how many Schill needed to get out of the first inning...

Yes, I admit, I was out-Shaughnessied. Hard to beat the master. But damn, I really should've seen that "38 pitches" "joke" coming from a mile away. (You just know he was rooting for a full 38 pitches that inning...)


  1. Sure he was probably rooting for 38 pitches in the inning, but then again, he didn't even need it for him to make his joke. He has never let reality get in the way of his writing before, why should he now.