Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Our long national nightmare is finally over

Damn, that had to be the single longest off-day I have ever experienced. Opening series really ought to have no breaks in them. That first loss didn't sting that much (I seem to remember a season opening loss in 2004...) but having no baseball to "move on" with, and instead being stuck reading crap like this puts me in a foul mood.

Here's hoping the Sox bats show up. A score of 19-4 or so would be nice.


  1. I don't think that's such a bad article...but this day off is ridiculous. They could probably use the extra day off in the middle of the season or something.

    Also, I am hoping the Royals are better this year. It means yet another team to join in the "beat up on each other in the Central" game, which the Sox will probably need to make the playoffs.

    And, I have put a temporary ban on sports radio...I can't stand how they tore into Schilling and his blog and his performance.

    It is one game...

    They are jealous that there are blogs out there more popular than their radio shows/newspaper articles...

  2. Whoops, I accidentally linked to the wrong Herald article. I've changed it now.

  3. That's better...that article sucks...

    You know what I greatly dislike about sports writing now? How writers tear into guys for 3/4 of an article, then they say something halfway decent about the guy...then leave a hanging question at the "Will Beckett be able to take the throne?" or some crap like that.

    If you are going to take a stand, then take a stand...don't rip someone up and then back off and make it a spooky cliffhanger at the end...

    Leave that to us bloggers!

    Or should they? (insert ghost sounds here with a creepy tumbleweed going by)

  4. Also, is it my math or is something wrong with how ESPN has the standings listed?

    I don't particularly care about the standings after a game or two (just looking to see how teams around the league are doing)...

    They have the Braves in first place at 1 win 0 losses...the Mets and Florida tied for second with 2 wins 0 losses.

    Doesn't that put the Marlins and Mets 1/2 game up?

    Also, they aren't listing the ties in alphabetical order. For instance, they have Toronto listed above the Yankees, yet the Marlins above the Mets (and Cleveland above KC).

    Also, Baltimore is ahead of the Sox and D-Rays in the standings despite being 0 and 2.

    Not trying to stir the pot here...just trying to point out that it probably looks great to have Seattle listed as the leader in the West (over LA), and Toronto in first in the East (over NY), and the Sox in dead last (despite being 1/2 game better than Baltimore AND alphabetically ahead of Tampa Bay).

    Again, my math might be wrong, but I don't think so...

  5. I was thinking the same thing. It's now totally common (in covering sports and politics) to say something like "Don't get me wrong, I love the guy, we're friends...but this is why he totally sucks..." and then go off for a full article with a litany of complaints. As if (dishonestly) proclaiming respect for the target somehow bolsters the point. It's so old, and predictable.

  6. Its the new and improved standings as aided by the BCS. It takes into account strenght of schedule, Rob Neyer's VORP analysis, Wins shares analayzed byt Bill James, and degree of difficulty. All teams from Canada will always come out ahead due to the exchange rate.

  7. Okay, just read the article. Interesting. By all accounts (including those of Hoyer et al) Theo was in touch with those guys every day. So to say he thinks Theo would not make the trade is silly.

    Plus as I have noted before, I'm not sure they would have thrown Hanley into the lineup in Boston with all of his makeup questions and the environment around here. If an All-Star like Renteria could not handle Boston how do they expect a 21 year old kid would have developed here. And no mention of Sanchez' arm troubles this spring.

  8. To further X's point...Beckett very much proved himself in Florida (and in a WORLD SERIES IN YANKEES STADIUM).

    Now, Ramirez is excellent, and could be a great player that "got away". But you always take the chance for a young arm with tremendous potential over a SS with tremendous potential, especially if the arm also has shown his potential greatness at the major league level...

    You need pitching. You don't need a kickass SS. You can get by with good shortstops...

  9. One move you can question is the Marte trade for've got a minor league system stocked with guys like Crisp, but not a huge third base prospect...but even that is stretching it a bit.

  10. this has nothing to do with anything at all, but i thought that i'd share this with you sox enthusiasts.

    i give you, "manny being merlot".

    yup. charity is always a good thing... but i'm still chuckling at these.