Monday, April 30, 2007

Bronx Zoo

Its too early to celebrate their demise, but that does not mean I can't enjoy it.

I find this really interesting - from todays Post Derek Jeter, who normally makes few public stands, stepped outside his persona to firmly voice that "in no way is [Torre] responsible for how we are performing" and that the firing talk "is unfair and it should stop."

Yet, when it came to offering support for A-Rod, let's just say he was less supportive than he is now being with Torre.


  1. Wow...I just checked the upcoming NY Yankees schedule. Their next 13 games are played with the Rangers and Mariners.

    The Sox have 2 against Oakland, a makeup against the Mariners, 2 versus Minnesota, 3 against Toronto, and 4 against Detroit.

    If the Sox build more distance during that stretch (I am guessing that won't be the case), then I am going to start to relax a little about this season.

    My guess is that the Sox go 8-5 or 7-6 during that stretch. Split with Oakland, beat Seattle, 1-1 against Minnesota (it's Wakefield and Tavarez), 2-1 against Toronto (top or the rotation), 2-2 against Detroit.

    Or, is this Sox team just that good?

  2. we have another plagiarism on our hands???

    Peter N should now go after Ian Browne...

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  3. Daisy found this on the internet, it's pretty hilarious.