Monday, April 16, 2007


Even with the masterful pitching of King Felix, the Sox have scored 39 runs in their last 5 games. Are they out of their offensive slump, our does the Angels pitching just suck?


  1. It is difficult to say they are out of their slump. They crushed at home...that is for sure. If nothing else, they should have more confidence at the plate...

    Isn't it a bit strange, though, that they don't hit the ball really well on the road and then they come home and hit the cover off the ball?

    Is home field advantage that huge? It can't be that Fenway is a hitter-friendly park because then other teams would hit the cover off the ball there, too. Also, it wasn't like they had played a million home games there this year already. These were the first ones.


    It was nice to see that they scored so many runs, though, with not many home runs...mostly consecutive base hits, etc...


    what a waste of $7 beer and $6 pizza.

  3. Nice going. Way to jinx them.

  4. That's exactly my point. When they get to another park, they can't hit...

    That's two wasted Daisuke starts now...he should be 3-0.

  5. The irony is that we out hit the Blue Jays 7 to 3. Granted DiceK lost his command in the 4th, but in all fairness rewatching the highlights he was squeezed with Vernon Wells and I think that threw him off his game. This is the one concern for me about DiceK. He is under incredible pressure and Varitek can't go and calm him down. I can only imagine the pressure this kid puts on himself. It was nice to see DiceK come back out after a rough inning and basically shut them down.

  6. Oh yeah... Daisy got amped last night and called me "Mr. Baseball Progeekus" it was awesome. Made even more awesome by the fact that she went on to explain, "It's funny because of Baseball Prospectus... get it" Ah.. good times.