Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Continuing on our theme of lame, very short blog posts...

After 7 innings, Felix Hernandez is throwing a NO-HITTER. He is NO-HITTING the Red Sox. The Red Sox have gotten NO HITS off Felix Hernandez. NOHITTERNOHITTERNOHITTER.

update (6:14 pm, 1 batter later): works every time... here (in comments), also with King Felix...
...and here, with Weaver vs. Halladay...
...and here (in comments), with the Unit...

update 2: dammit, getting no hits but still getting the win would've been a hell of a lot nicer than that result. Yuck.


  1. Earl, you hid the option to post comments. I went in and change that (obviously). I need to make at least one comment... I love how I get no respect... "theme of lame, very short blog posts"

    Good times!

    PS - Poop

  2. Huh. Yeah, I knew something was screwy. The title of the post was an insult to me as well, by the way.

  3. Word my brother... It's hard carrying all the weight. I mean, where the F are X and Grieve?!