Sunday, February 25, 2007


Does this mean he admits Theo was right? Pedro onw whether he will return as strong as before - “You just never know how long you have baseball with you, so enjoy every moment of it, enjoy every bit of it, and when it’s time to let it go, let it go. No regrets.”


  1. As of this morning, Monday around 9am EST...MANNY IN CAMP!!!!!!!
    Nice! Be well guys! peter n.

  2. Yes, in hindsight it looks like Theo and gang made the right call with Pedro...

    Still, you have to wonder if they repeat in '05 with Pedro...and would that have justified and extra year?

    Will this be the same with Damon?

  3. I doubt the Sox would have repeated with Pedro back in 2005. Sure he had a great year, but the Red Sox problem was their bullpen. They had no closer for a while when Foulke was hurt. Schilling struggled all year. And they made the playoffs, but still were swept by the eventual champions.

    Remember, Pedro was shut down by the Mets in September 2005 - granted they were out of it, but he still missed the last two weeks. And Schilling was not the same Schilling from 2004. So maybe Pedro pitches them to victory in Game 1. They still lose the Wells/Tgraf game and the Contreras game. Schilling pitches game 4 and Pedro is ready for Game 5. Its possible they pull out the series.

    And this does not consider the bullpen sucked. Remember Earl had the stat on how many games in a row the pen had been scored upon. Timlin was the closer in September. And they were running guys like Remlinger, Gonzalez, DiNardo and Stanton out there on a regular basis. So even with Pedro, I doubt they would have repeated.