Friday, February 02, 2007

Sometimes the guys at Deadspin are so right

I need to go wash now


  1. i'm a yankee fan and i got a semi. i have a ticket for the 2nd game at fenway this season. it's their 8th of the year, so i'm praying that matsuzaka ends up in the 3rd spot in the rotation and they adhere to a 5 man rotation so that i can see his first fenway start.

    (now that i look at that in black and white, that seems like a lot of moving parts...)

    i really wanted him to end up in 'stripes, but he wears a sox uni well. (probably shouldn't say that after the "semi" remark... eh... whatever.)

  2. how do you think i feel?

  3. I saw this commercial yesterday, twice, and there's nothing better than a Saturday smile. As always, hi guys!!!! DON'T BE STRANGERS!!!

  4. Okay, so this new blogger thing is strange.

    I wanted to put a post up about Tony Maz. some sill stuff in his column today:

    "Remember: Drew played elsewhere last season, so the Red Sox had no knowledge of his shoulder problems until they brought him in for a physical exam."

    Well, um, except that the surgery was pretty widely reported.

    And on Bonds:

    "It’s not everyday that a team owner - in this case, Paul McGowan - sends a letter to fans explaining why the club is electing to keep its star player."

    Does he mean Peter McGowan. Oops.

  5. And he said Angel Berroa will make $250K this year - interesting that the MLB minimum is $327,000.

  6. Do we have to upgrade to NEW BLOGGER to create new posts???

  7. Apparently so - and Earl is ithe only one that can.

  8. Looks good to me, although when I changed to my new blogger, my comments, some of them, for an instant (a day), were mislabeled as anonymous comments. It smoothed out, though.
    Take care guys!!!!