Saturday, February 17, 2007

Foulke retires

Wow. When he signed with the Native Americans I just assumed he was giving it one more year. Does this mean he finished his career with Boston?

Anyway, Foulke: thanks for that 2004 offseason. Still amazing to think about.


  1. I saw that as well and almost put up a post - something along the lines of maybe he will be flipping burgers. Its pretty clear Foulke just does not like baseball - with his comments last year, walking away from $5MM and not even trying to battle through it. Most players have to be dragged away from the game. In time, he will be revered in Boston.

    Other thoughts:

    Will Clemens just shut the F*ck up until he has something to say definitively. After all he was 99% certain he was retiring 3 years ago. So now he is only "20% likely" to pitch. And "he doesn't want to." Sure the media keeping asking - but now that I think of it, Clemens would be perfect back in pinstripes. Both him and Damon are incapable of a "no comment."

    Speaking of NY, all this turmoil worries me. I wish they did not have all the contract issues (Bernie, Mo, A-rod, Torre). Every one is focusing on that and may get a bit distracted from how terrible there pitching staff could be.

    And "New Blogger" sucks.

  2. This is certainly suprising news, but I have nothing new to add except my fond fairwell to Mr. Foulke. I can't think of the 2004 season without imagining him and M@%#%#@$#icz.

    "No comment" on Clemens coming back to the MLB. It's clear he will wait until the last possible minute and then take the Astro's, if they're playoff bound then the Yankees. Those out there that think he's coming back to the Red Sox are smoking crack (and I will galdly eat those words if I have to). Huh, I guess I am just as good as Clemens at the whole no comment thing.

    Per the new blogger, the only thing that is really different is the login. I recommned logging in before you post. Something is up with the cookies now that google owns it.