Saturday, February 10, 2007


At some point the craziness will stop, right? FA are so expensive that teams are now taking drastic measures to tie guys up before they reach market. And who can blame them. But Cincy I think has lost their mind a little. Two guys have career seasons right around age 30. Both have been dumped by two prior teams. And in one week, Krivsky commits $60MM to them. Their records are nearly identical.

They both reached career highs in innings last year. And maybe, just maybe, one or both them will be a David Wells type of pitcher - having their best years in their 30s after struggling to establish themselves. But Wells was more of a conditioning/attitude thing that prevented him from blossoming - he always had great stuff. Neither Harang nor Bronson has "great." GR is still waiting for Bronson to develop another pitch. And Harang has slightly better peripherals, but he has some weight issues. And with both of these guys, the Reds did not have to do anything - they controlled Bronson for two (cheap) years and Harang for 3 (cheap years).

I think someone on this board asked if Pedro would be good for 52 wins for the $52MM he got. And that question has stuck with me. I would say $1MM per win for a SP is a pretty good deal. So will the Reds get 60 wins combined from Harang in 07-10 and Bronson 09-10. I would guess no. One of these guys is due for the "collapse."

And then the guys that you would think would get the extensions to be locked up (Santana, Zambrano, maybe Buehrle, we hear nothing on that.

Zito - any chance he wins 126 games in SF? Meche 55 games?

Oops - I'm rambling. Thats what happens when I can't post for a week.


  1. Well, welcome back math guy. The NY Times (believe it or not) had a great front (sports) page article today about Daisuke., or over at mine by clicking on the title. A smile-inducing article. The Times' website, and then clicking on sports, should do it. But you have a fallback. Have a great Sunday, X and everyone! And we approach ptchers and catchers at light speed. Love ya all! P

  2. Feel good - NY Times - anything Red Sox. I'm guessing Murray Ch-ASS was not the author.

  3. And another gem from a NY writer today. this one courtesy of George King, speculating on Torre's future.

    "Should the Red Sox not make the playoffs for a second straight year, Terry Francona could pay for it. How good would the Red Sox feel with Torre in their dugout?"

    Does he mean before or after Timlin and Hansen each make their 50th on June 22nd and then spend the secon half of the year on the DL?

    Never mind that Francona has a contract through 2008, but given the utter collapse of the team last year - we did not hear one peep about him losing job. Granted there were tons of injuries, but I really can't imagine a scenario in which Tito gets fired.

  4. I can't way. But...if reality becomes a keyboard, I'll use There is no manager in baseball I'd like to see, if the situation warrants, and it NEVER will, not now, than see Joe Torre as our manager. My thoughts, and they are far from reality, because, through health concerns, TITO has us in capable hands.