Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Is this going to happen all the time now?

Ok...so Mientasdfkaekrja took the ball and held it...now Molina is holding the last out from the Cards victory last year. My guess? Writers look to see who held the last out, seek them out a few months later and drum up a story.

Are the Sox ever going to finalize the Drew contract?

Wily Mo and the Sox can't reach an agreement...is that a bad thing? The guy had a good season, but to hold out for 500k is silly.

Mo Rivera is mad at the Yankees. He might want out next year. While he might not be emotionally committed to what he's doing on the mound this year, this spells trouble for all those who face him. Why? Because he is older and wants to continue his career. If he is expecting to land a large deal elsewhere, he'll need to have another stellar year.

Pitchers and catchers reporting this week. Just in time for it to snow in Boston.

This post is like a Shaugnessy article. A whole lot of short sentences and not much substance.

Thank the Lord that I was able to finally sign in and post...it has been driving me crazy!


  1. You've had posting problems?? Well, the comment process works just fine! And for a few hours yesterday (Tues.) afternoon, my blog turned into Japanese! Take care...always great to be here.

  2. Drew in...Lenny D. out...good riddance...he showed me nuttin' last year.

  3. Drew in??? I haven't seen it, yet. Is a paper reporting that it is 100% final?

    Also, Lenny D was decent. He was hurt a large portion of last year. I don't think the Sox will fall apart because of his departure...but he always seemed like a project. He's only 27 so maybe the A's (who have a way of making most pitchers into studs) will work out the kinks.

  4. i don't know how long it has been this way, but drew is listed on their active roster.


    ...the number seven was still warm when they gave it to him.

  5. Theo obvioulsy knew he had to make a roster move, so I'm a bit surprised they could not make a deal for Dinardo or one of their other lesser players on the 40 man roster.

    I would think someone would take a chance on Dinardo and be willing to give up a marginal prospect? But I guess not considering the A's (with the 4th best record) got him on the claim, meaning every team in the AL but MN, NY and DET passed on him for free