Friday, February 16, 2007

Virtual waiting room my ASS - Part Deux

So I entered a lottery to win a chance to buy Roof Deck seats, Monster seats, or Yankee game seats. I can buy tickets for opening day or Yankee games. I clicked the link a couple minutes to noon. The site is down. A few minutes after noon, I get in... in to what? The VIRTUAL WAITING ROOM!!!

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  1. Ah... so comfortable in here.. I like what they have done with the place... and look new magazines!

  2. Daisy got in! There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

  3. 10....9....8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1


    God it's so fun being here again!

    I just love every moment!

  4. Are you fucking kidding me! There is a fire alarm? Stay at your desk! It's fuckin' Red Sox/Yankee tickets!

    What do you mean you have to go?!

    Daisy... has left the building... my hopes are dashed.

  5. Ah there is nothing like checking every 30 seconds only to have the page refreshed. It's like a very subtle FUCK YOU. As though there is no chance and some iternet geek is laughing hysterically at all the poor suckers who are banging their heads against this virtual wall.

  6. Com'on you COCK SUCKERS let me in! How the fuck do you hold a raffle and then only let a few people in at a time?

    This is fuckin' insane and aggravating.

  7. It's a miracle!!! Daisy was let back into building and bought tickets! 2 games to the Yankees!!!

    It's a frickin' Miracle...

    (It's also no wonder that I can't get into buy tickets because people probably take their sweet frickin' time buying tickets)

  8. By the way... I dropped the L-bomb... because Daisy bought tickets... I am frickin' insane...

    (It was the heat of the moment)

  9. ah... back to waiting... I am so good at this part...



    Again, I wish they had some kind of system like the RMV... number 232 is being helped...

  10. does it help if you multiple browser windows open? I had 40 browser windows open all in the virtual waiting, all with different countdown clocks of the Red Sox refresh.

  11. It's been 49 minutes... and no love... no FRICKIN' love....

  12. Thanks Chris... I have now expanded to 3 different windows... I might add more if I don't get in soon...

  13. Now I am having 3 times the fun!


  14. 3 times the fun... 3 times the pain!!!

  15. Notes on letter to Theo:

    Dear Theo,

    We would have been buds in High School. I know this because we're the same age and I know we dug the same things. You dig Pearl Jam, so do I. In fact, my name is Jeremy - how cool is that?!

    I bet you played soccer or maybe ran for office in student government or maybe you contributed to the Newspaper. I did those things too. I could SO see us hanging out after soccer practice one day talking about how someday we're going to run the Red Sox as we ran off to a Student Council meeting with our backpacks full of heavy science books.

    I would have SO been in your Rotisserie league! I would have helped you make the weekly calculations and track the draft. I can totally see us hanging out on the floor of one of our living rooms geeking out over different players stats.

    We applied to the same colleges. I ended up in NYC and I could SO see us making plans for you coming down some weekend to hang in New York. I could see us having our first underage beer together, listening to bad jazz and talking about next season.

    We would have been total buds - if it weren't for the simple fact that I grew up in New Jersey, or as I like to call it, "enemy territory". Yea, I was that 12 year old kid that was in the left field stands when Jim Rice beat up a fan that took his hat. I got beer poured on me from the upper deck that day. It doesn't really matter. The point is that we would have been buds. As I sit here in the virtual waiting room, waiting to buy tickets that I have won the opportunity to buy, I can only think about how we could have been buds and you could set me up with some sweet tickets. Maybe it's a Tampa Bay or a KC game, but I bet they would be sweet.

    Well, it's time to get back to my waiting room. I hope everything works out with Dice-K and J.D. When you have a moment, it would be cool to hear from you. I am sorry we lost touch.



  16. it took me 10 minutes. to get tickets to the yankees/sox game on june 1st.

    somehow, i experienced no hassles.

    i am ecstatic right now.

    tell me that you finally scored some seats.

  17. Sadly Jeff it's been 86 minutes and I have experience no love.

  18. don't give up.

    don't you dare give up.

    you can outlast those bastards.

    for what little it is worth, i'm rooting for you.

  19. Jeff, it's support like yours that keeps me in this fight.

    Thank you!

  20. It's now 2:13... and no love from the virtual waiting room. I think it was all a hoax.

  21. you are not a quitter.

    you've hung in there this long, haven't you?

    what is another hour or two after that?

    you'll get something.

    this kind of persistance always wins out.

    keep up the good fight.

  22. c'mon...

    tell me that you're filling in credit card information...

  23. The fight is over. Two obstructed view seats and two single seats in the same section different rows.

    But I am seeing the Red Sox play the Yankees in September.

    Let's hope the games mean something or that the Yankees are so far behind that it's just fun to watch them struggle.

  24. well done, sir.

    i never stopped believing in you.

    i've already been offered a ton of money for my tickets. hundreds of dollars.

    tickets have only been on sale for a few hours.

    this is why i love this town.