Thursday, March 01, 2007

A glimpse ahead - A-Rod

There is a lot of talk about whether A-Rod will walk away from his contract. Sure the $81MM is a lot to walk away from. And he won't get $27MM per year. However, I do think he will opt out and sign a nice 7 or 8 year deal at $20MM per year. Maybe with the Angels or Dodgers. Or perhaps there is some wild card out there.

The two things they really can spin are a return to SS and that a long term deal allows Alex to finish his career somewhere. I can hear the Boras spin now "Alex and Cynthia have a young daughter who will be starting her education in a couple of years and they just thought as parents that it would be the right thing to do to secure her future and not have to uproot the family in the middle of her formative years. Mr. Moreno (or Mc Court or McGowan or whomever) have shown a commitment to Alex that he will be the cornerstone of the franchise while allowing him to return to his natural position. Additionally, making the sacrifice of forgoing the extra additional compensation he could have recieved on an annual basis shows that Alex is dedicated to winning and demonstrates that these decisions are not about being the highest paid player in the game or having the largest contract......"

We can sit hear and ask, who the hell will pay 160/8, but weren't we just asking that about Zito and Soriano? I'm too tired to look it up, but I would guess A-Rod has appeared in more all star games than the two of them combined. and you can probably throw Carlos Lee into the equation as well.


  1. I'm in prediction mode now..... So I ask, how long will it be before Gary Matthews tells the world that he ordered "supplements" for a "friend" or "relative."

  2. A-Rod won't make a move until the season's will be based on whether or not they win it all. Even if he has a monster post-season, wins an MVP, etc...and the Yankees don't win the championship, he leaves.

    He has the opportunity to put up the best numbers ever by a SS...That will be his out.

    I also brought up before that the Sox might make a run at him and not pick up Manny's options. That is a Verducci story, not mine...

    Anyway, your Boras speech was dead-on. You're probably in the wrong line of work.

    As for the supplements...what about the NFL players (no names mentioned...but "nfl players" was)? Um, the initial report that I heard is that a long-time member of the Steelers coaching/training staff was busted for having loads of HGH which he claimed was for his elderly patients...

    Also, EvanderHolyfield!!!

    Seriously, I know that ballplayers are allegedly using this stuff, but to focus solely on baseball just annoys me. Hell, didn't Lyle Alzado DIE from his steroid use? And PACMAN Jones also said (allegedly...which will be my new term as I see that bloggers are sometimes being held accountable by the press and the law for what they write)that he knows when the league is going to test him so he knows when to quit smoking pot. Yet, football has a good drug testing policy?

    Yet, the media focuses on sad...

    By the way, Tavarez gave up a bomb last night...boooooo

    But Ellsbury and Pedroia looked good. So did Schilling and Romero....

    Ok, I am rambling...this was a post about A-Rod. I talked about that, right? Then there was a comment about HGH...I ranted on that...

    And in the words of Mr T (Clubber Lang)..."Prediction? Pain." No, my prediction is that once again baseball takes the brunt of this.

  3. AROD.....right now, who cares. Last night (WED.) was fun.....Schill looked good in a fastball way, but that's what these early games are all about.

  4. Evander! That's right. I hope he stays away from the ring while his speech is nearly intact. All those poundings...I felt every one!

  5. I'll keep going with my Boras spin.

    Even if the Yanks win the WS, A-Rod probably still goes. His spin will....

    "When Alex made the decision to move to NY 4 years ago, his intention was to come to NY and help them get back on track to winning WS. Having accomplished that goal, Alex is now up for another challenge and the opportunity to return to SS."

    The spin goes on and on.

    And yeah, Christ, if it was an MLB team doctor, you can imagine the crap we would be hearing.

  6. Good things may happen for the Sox and their fans on Saturday.

    According to NASA, there will be a full lunar eclipse Saturday - the first one since October 28, 2004.