Thursday, March 22, 2007

Papelbon back to the pen

I guess they were sick and tired of all the speculation and second guessing. I'm sure now the ESPN types will be saying how the Sox are now serious contenders. Hard to fathom that having a top pitcher now pitch 70 innings instead 170 makes you better in the long run. Hell, Todd Jones was the closer for a World Series team last year. I'm a bit surprised they didn't let it play out a little bit longer.


  1. So Schilling has a blog. And it is like a car crash. Horrible. Yet hard to look away from.

    His Q&A sessions are priceless. I am fascinated that he bothers responding to so many negative barbs that are thrown his way. And he does so in a sarcastic, biting tone. Things like thanks for the advice" and "in your expert opinion." On one hand I agree with some of it - some jackass says he should sign a Wakefield contract because he (Curt) doesn't need the money, so why not crack back at the guy. On the other hand - STFU. Just ignore that shit. By responding, you are being like Pedro or A-Rod. Do you need that validation. By not ducking the question are you really going to convert anyone?

    But this one was kind of funny. Imagine what the guy must post to elicit this type of response:

    "A-First off, I will not discuss with the media, or on this site, my contract situation anymore. We’ve already skinned that cat. Second, the Sox did offer Pedro a contract. Lastly, the posts that you made that didn’t go through were deleted because they add absolutely nothing to the forum. I don’t care, honestly, if you don’t like me, but cussing or posting just to be a tool can be done on YOUR blog to the people that you want. I made the statement earlier, don’t click on the site, please, if you don’t like me and don’t want to hear me. Short of that, it’s my blog, I pay for it and if that sucks for you then I am not sure what to tell ya. My only beef with you is that for someone that rails on me for the reasons you do, you post more than anyone here, even me, and that’s saying something. So we are dealing with you either being utterly fascinated with me but scared to admit it, or having nothing else to do but troll boards and elicit reaction from people. You’re pretty much a talk show host with no mic."

  2. I was surprised about this, too, until Papelbon said that he really wanted to be the Mariano Rivera for the Sox for many years to come. Basically, he didn't want to be a starter...

    I will say this. This one move makes that whole pen a whole lot better. I am very comfortable with Romero, Donnelly, Timlin, Okajima, Papelbon, and Okajima being out there...With Timlin on the DL to start the season, Snyder probably stays with the team. Not sure what happens to him when Timlin returns...

    Tavarez takes the fifth spot in the rotation...probably until Lester feels ready. My guess is that then Tavarez gets traded. He may have more value for an NL team looking for a versatile guy...

    One thing is certain. The Sox have pitching depth. They still have Delcarmen ready at a moment's notice, and Hanseck, Hansen, and Gabbard available, too.

    Their rotation is definitely weaker, but Daisuke and Beckett have both looked very strong. Wake is wake...Tavarez isn't Papelbon...But, again, Lester could be ready soon.