Tuesday, March 27, 2007

***news flash***news flash***

Dan Shaughnessy is an ass.

Seriously, that may be the worst article he's ever written. And that's some feat.


  1. This is somewhat along the lines of what I have been saying all along. The sportswriters need stories. so when Manny does not talk, he gets villified - he does not make the writers job any easier, they take shots at him. Schill cuts out the middle man (reporters) to get his message to fans and he gets crucified. Of course, there is history with CHB and Schill - its been reported that Curt has held court with young players and told them to stay away from Dan, so that adds to the animosity.

    But the all time greatest is that Curt took the gloves off abit. I had criticezed him a bit earlier for not taking the high road on some of the questions that were posted, but I nearly spit out my beer when I read Curt's response:

    "The only response I have to the Curly Haired Boyfriend is this.”

    I mean Holy fuckin shit. He actually put it in writing, Curly Haired Boyfriend. Fucking amazing. Carl Everett Rules!

  2. Does CHB actually say anywhere that this isn't really Schill in his article, but his representation? Seriously, what a tool.

    I understand a little bit about what CHB is saying (not about Schill, but about the comment makers on the blog). Go read a few of them...they pretty much all kiss Curt's ass.

    But CHB is way out of line with this piece. It is nothing but inflammatory. I understand he is retaliating in a sense, but he also tried to stir up controversy about Daisuke and a possible injury because he wouldn't talk to the press.

    What do you do, though, when a "non-sports-writer" gets more posts to his blog than you do in the city's biggest newspaper? Write something that angers the readers! Probably filled his email box and now he feels like he matters again...

    By the way, I think he is a reader of this blog. Some things discussed in our two prior posts have come up in his last two articles.

    For instance, I wrote about concerns at the bottom of the order (yesterday)...go look at his column today! Coincidence? Maybe, but the timing is more than that.