Tuesday, December 19, 2006

This just in... Murray Chass is an Ass

Nothing new to report, just that I find it funny when the rest of the world catches up to GYS. Clearly, Seth Mnookin needs to read more GYS.

By the way this is my favorite GYS-Ch-Ass post, thanks Earl!


  1. And Sunday, chass followed it all up by saying "McCourt, who has been described as not being a troublemaker, chose not to pursue a tampering charge against the Red Sox over the recent signing of J. D. Drew despite the urging of officials from other clubs."

    so now it is the urging of other club officials. And of course no mention at all that he was wrong and that the Sox probably had a case against LA that was just as strong. Oh yeah, and Drew has not even signed yet....

  2. Listen, Chass is a hack. He probably gets off by checking out his google hit stats...He sucks...According to avid sports fan, Mo Szcilak, "He is the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked."

    But, the point madfadfnnooookin makes is valid. There doesn't have to be fact checking any more, and anyone can make stuff up and print it.

  3. Chass has been an ass ever since his last name ended with ASS. He has been anti-Sox and nonsensical so much.........hi guys! Bye JDD, and WMP, and.......that's it. Oh, hi closer.