Sunday, December 31, 2006

A favorite subject

Bashing sports writers. Especially columnists. Example 2,715,239. Today's Mike Lupica column. I shouldn't care. Or even be surprised. This is a guy who has used his column for years to promote his political views, bash his enemies, and strut around on his high horse. But what caught me today was his sheer stupidity, ignorance or utterly laziness.

On the latest steroid business, of the names of the survery testing from 2003 getting into the hands of the Feds:

"Donald Fehr and Eugene Orza had a right, under their agreement with Major League Baseball, to destroy the record of the names attached to those positive tests. For some reason they sure did not. Only they know how and why this happened. "

Do a little research Mike - it is all out there. Fehr and Orza sort of had a right to destroy the names attached to the tests. But as you can contend, "for some reason they sure did not. Only they know how..." Actually we all know why - two things called a subpoena and a search warrant. It has been reported in great detail. Fehr and Orza, as we know, will do just about anything for their constituents; however, I doubt they would risk a felony obstruction charge.

Do the editors of these papers even bother to read this stuff? Or are these columnists such must read pieces that it does not even matter. I could only imagine having the same kind of independence in my work.


  1. And in his same article, he asks "You tell me the last rookie coach, or manager, in any sport, who broke in the way Eric Mangini has broken in with the Jets."

    Now, I only really know baseball, so I would nominate Bob Brenly winning the WS in Arizona in his first season. Or maybe Billy Martin his first season with the Twins with something like a 20 point swing. At least he did not say it was the greatest ever, he just asked name the last one. Of course many others will have qualifiers that the coach came into a much better situation (Bill Russell, Steve Mariucci, Barry Switzer.... or maybe the last two won't count since they had been head coaches, just not in the pros).

  2. Obviously I am not in Bostn and do not have the pulse of the daily ins and outs.

    I do know that there has been some "controversy" over Ron Borges' comments about Belicheck. I think some if it stems back to Bledsoe being traded and Ron losing his source. followed by a general feeling the Bill could do know wrong and for some reason Borges hated that and took the very strong stance that the players play the games and Bill was getting too much credit for the success. He even went so far to insinuate (actually, I think he even wrote and spoke it) that there were some things that he COULD print about the coach, but would not because he was a professional. Pretty lame. And pretty petty.

    But lately I have noticed that Borges will not even mention Belichek in any of his artilces. No quotes. No metion of his name. Nothing. Maybe he is trying to take the higher road. Or maybe that his is way to respond to his critics who say he protests too much about Belichek, so he just ignores him. does this get talked about on EEI or FSNE?