Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Quote of the day

From ESPN.com:

With the signing of right-hander Gil Meche, Royals general manager Dayton Moore has sent a strong message about his desire to improve the moribund franchise.


(Seriously, what the hell "message" could he be sending? "I have no desire whatsoever to improve this moribund franchise"? "My desire is to make this franchise even moribund-er? "I hate my job and would like to get fired, and might as well screw over this moribund franchise in the process"?)


  1. No kidding. For a guy who comes from the Braves, who supposedly are big on scouting and developing, I have to wonder what the hell Moore is doing. And I am even more thankful that Moore was not chosen as the Sox GM last winter while Theo was on vacation. He was one of the candidates. Dodged a bullet on that one.

  2. The message? In morse code...SOS.

  3. I still don't understand that move...

    If they are going to spend all that money, why Gil Meche? Seriously, go after an impact player at more dollars...or sign a group of better players for a lot of money.

    KC makes me sad. I loved watching them growing up (when they played NY...I grew up in NY remember)...It was like once George Brett retired, that was it for them...ridiculous...

    Also, I believe that it might be about time for MLB to impose a higher floor on teams...forget about the ceiling, this league needs a floor. The Royals couldn't have drawn more fans last year...they were awful. So where did all this money come from? Answer: the rich-ass owner who has been sitting on this franchise...

  4. I agree. Pudge Rodriguez to the Tigers is the perfect model for how a crapass ("moribund") franchise can turn around their fortunes. In today's market of course, I-Rod would be more expensive than he was then, but still.

    Pretty good Gil Meche rant here.