Thursday, December 14, 2006

***Breaking News***

I don't know about the rest of you, but I think I'm done with all the Matsuzaka stories (and the lame puns associated with it). I mean, I'm thrilled he's coming to Boston, and think the Sox really handled the posting process/negotiations well. But now I'm content to wait until he pitches to say much more about it.

With the huge circus surrounding this story, one other huge baseball story of great importance to me has gone under the radar. No, not the signing of Doug Mirabelli, or even of Julio Lugo. No, I'm talking about the absence of Anna Benson from the Mets Christmas party. Remember her? Not sure why this is news - apparently the image of her dressed up as Mrs. Claus is seared into the brains of some of the Mets beat reporters.

Anyway, David Wright was Santa this year (click here for an extremely surreal photo). If I were a Mets fan, I'd be worried, since being the Mets Santa is basically a kiss of death. The last three (John Franco, Mike Cameron, and Kris Benson) were each all out of the organization within a couple months after the party.


  1. I don't think that Wright has much to worry about. Wouldn't it be cool, though, if his name was Orville or Wilbur? Then he could have a Rollie Fingers-like handlebar moustache and wear clothes with thick stripes and a top hat...Now THAT would be a costume.

    I feel bad for Wakefield...Every time he pitches this season he is going to have the crappy bat of Mirabelli in the lineup. The Sox saved some cash, though. Cheap, cheap contract. I didn't think that veterans could sign for so little. Aren't there minimums?

  2. ...or even cooler, if his first name was "Orville" like you say, and his last name was "Redenbacher". That would be a good costume as well.

    I really don't know what to make of the Mirabelli thing. Seems a little shocking that he was the best available. Well, at least he hits for average, and gives us some speed on the basepaths. (I miss Josh Bard.)

  3. The other thing is that if Varitek gets hurt (yikes) that our everyday catcher will be Mirabelli...and that ain't good. Also, he is not a good bat off the bench.

    Now our bench looks like this...

    Cora (good positional player, works the count, no power, might get a single)

    Mirabelli (power, never actually gets the bat on the ball and gets it where players aren't, almost gets thrown out from left field, can score from third on a home run)

    Pena (can hit the ball a mile, is funny catching the ball, hits a ton of air when he swings, is big)

    Hinske (our best option, looks like he is in Phi Beta Kappa)

    The funny thing is that they will all be starters when Wakefield pitches on a Sunday.

  4. If Tek got hurt, they would almost definitely bring up Kottaras who is one of the top catching prospects in all of baseball.

    I agree on all this heype being a bit much, but it is the Red Sox and they have been a soap opera for a few years running. Hell, two times in the last six months we have followed the flight/arrival of a private jet carrying a player. Good lord.

  5. I see myself as the "club house" guy on GYS so I'd like to point out that Mirabelli helps with the club house glue. For whatever reason he gels well with the pitchers and Varitek and I think that's important. I still remember the game last year when Schilling had to play with Javy for the very first time and was forced to talk with him between innings. Yes, Mirabelli is basically an out in the lineup but honestly I think our chances of having a good Wakefield go down with a different catcher.

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