Friday, December 01, 2006

Edes Goes Out On a Limb've got to love sports writers that take a chance with bold statements. Gordon Edes has done just that.

While reporting on whether Ramirez will be traded, Edes estimates there is a 50-50 chance.

Now, I took stats...There are two possible outcomes. 1, he gets traded. 2, he doesn't get traded. 1 out of 2 in either direction...that's 50/50. Edes is a madman! Why waste the ink? I mean is there another possible outcome to the scenario?

I know that he was trying to put a likelihood on Manny being traded (not just the cut and dry)...but even when someone says there's a 70 percent chance....there's really only a 50 percent chance. It either will...or won't happen.

Well, on another note...the Sox might offer arbitration to Nixon. I think that's a pretty good move. It really keeps them from having to sign another outfielder, and kind of makes Manny tradeable, and your bench deep. Your outfield players this year in Boston: Nixon, Drew, Crisp, Pena, Hinske, Youkilis. You could get Pena a bunch of at-bats, have two left-handed hitters who are injury-prone spell each other. You have plenty of depth. Not bad...Plus, you could still trade Pena and/or Crisp.

I'd say there's a 50-50 chance of Trot being offered arbitration....


  1. I wouldn't be so quick to call Edes an idiot. According to the Social Security Administration, there is 0.5% chance that a 35 year old Hispanic male will either die or become permanently disabled in any calendar year. I mean, if he really wanted to take no risk in his calculation, eh would ahve factored that into the equation. Warrants mentioning.

  2. The type of sophisticated math that you used for the Manny stuff escapes me. 1 plus 1 equals two....I'm pretty sure. Tougue in cheekly, Peter. Have a great Sunday.