Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The puns so far

No matter how you "Dice" it, it's become a circus -, 12/14
The Dice Man cometh to Boston - Salem News, 12/14
The die is cast as 'Dice-K' makes it to Massachusetts - Salem News, 12/13
Red Sox roll the dice - SportingNews, 12/13
A roll of the dice - Yahoo! Sports, 12/13
Dice game is too costly: Team needs to stand firm - Boston Herald, 12/13
Who's throwing with no Dice? - Boston herald, 12/13
Dice is not the only game in town - BDD, 12/13
No dice for the Red Sox could mean no Rocket for the Yankees - NY Daily News, 12/12
Boras is playing with loaded dice - BDD, 12/12
Tumbling Dice - Boston Globe, 12/11
Dice-K or Craps? - Red Sox Times, 12/10
NO DICE - Boston Herald, 12/10
Tumblin’ Dice: Sox’ talks with Matsuzaka break down - Boston Herald, 12/10
Getting dicey with Matsuzaka - Boston Globe, 12/7
Rolling The Dice - Joy of Sox, 12/7
Sox should roll out the Dice-K - Maine Village Soup, 11/17
Rolling the dice - Mark it Down, 11/15

(If he does sign, expect lots of "The Diceman cometh" headlines. Maybe a "Dice Dice Baby!" or two. If he doesn't, at least we can hope for a great Herald headline: "What a Bore-ASS!")


  1. I would expect those headlines to come soon. All papers are reporting that D-Mat is on the plane to Boston...Boras said that wouldn't happen unless there was a preliminary agreement. So, there's at least that.

    And I think the Sox are pushing for Clemens, too...What does this mean? Seriously...I am asking...


    What about Wake? And the Sox are pursuing Otsuka from the Rangers...That guy is pretty damn good.

    Last year, there were a lot of health questions with the rotation...This year you have to see if Papelbon can handle the innings. You've got to expect Schilling to come back in great shape for his potential last year. Wake broke a rib pitching last year...he needs to drink some milk...maybe he and Pap are insurance for one another. Who knows...?

  2. Otsuka for closer...unclear in the last post