Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Could it be? says it is a done deal - 6 years at $52MM. If so, I would say Boras appears to have seriously blinked on that one. I would have to say that is a victory for the Sox.


  1. I think the social pressures of Japan, and the fact that no prospects from that country would want him as an agent if this didn't happen, had a lot to do with this.

    Seriously, I read a Bobby Valentine quote about Japanese culture and this deal somewhere. To paraphrase it was something like, "it is about the pride and honor here. It isn't about the money. If D-Mat comes back because of $s then it would be in shame." Not exactly the quote, but definitely the theme.

    The Sox made it known that they wanted to "respect" D-Mat by using the press. Good move. It's all about the honor.

    And, if you look around the interwebs, you'll see Yankees fans saying that the Sox have become what they hated, and that D-Mat is probably the next Irabu...Well, enjoy Pettitte and the old ones in NY. We'll take 3 twenty-six year old starters for the win...(still need a closer)...

  2. He apparently also made a goodbye speech to the Lions. Which would've made it really bad to come back. (I'm sure some people would've also been pissed about the $20M in taxes the Japanese govt wouldn't be getting.) It looked like he planned to go, and the Sox knew this, so Boras was in a tough position. Which is awesome.

  3. Seriously, has a single sports negotiation ever gotten this sort of minute-by-minute coverage? Edes has a post "Plane Has Landed". Great.

  4. Actually, this totally kicks Edes's ass in terms of over-the-top insanity. Pretty awesome.

  5. I think it rivals the Beattles first trip to America. But as far as sports go, the deadline added so much to the coverage. Usually there is no hard deadline. The only other minute by minute one I remember was Beltran when it came down to the Jan 8 deadline where he could no longer resign with HOU since he had declined arbitration. Had it hit Dec 9, it would have taken HOU out of the talks and the Mets would not have felt the pressure. Remember there was the last minute call to the Yanks.

    This team is a always a soap opera.

    Did anyone see the video of Henry's plane? It is a pretty damn big plane.