Saturday, December 09, 2006

Just the beginning

So Pettite is going back to NY. Big whoop. I always thought him kind of a wuss. And pitching in the NL, the last three years has likely done nothing to toughen him up. Apparently his children are wusses too. They cried when the learned Andy signed with NY. Maybe it was because they know the humiliation and disappointment that he is likely to suffer this year. come to think of it, lots of kids in NY will be crying next October, when the Yanks fall short of a WS victory again.


  1. I don't know about the "wuss" part (I always sort of liked him - maybe it was the evil glare at the batter prior to his pitch), but I do know I like his 6.55 ERA against the AL last year.

  2. I stand by my wuss comment. He never seemed to have any fire. Seriously. And he did some silly commercials for some religion thing one year - hey, he can believe in whatever he wants - and the Sox have their share of bible beaters (and just signed a huge one in Drew), I don't like it anymore than I like Schilling popping off for Bush.

  3. I liked that the commercials came out right as Steinbrenner was trying to get rid of him.

    I also like these:

    "I know New York is where God wants me and where he's put me for this year."


    "It was a full-court press by the Yankees. I've talked to the guys, and obviously they wanted me to come back up there."

    So God works through the Yankees. Talk about "mysterious ways".