Monday, December 04, 2006

Long anticipated 2007 Opening Day Lineup/Rotation Contest

So here it is. It deserves its own thread. Thanks to Dino and GR for getting this moving....

Rules are as follows:

Predict the Red Sox Starting Lineup for opening day 2007. Exact batting order and positions, plus the first five starting pitchers to take the hill. Oh and name the closer. To be determined as the first Sox pitcher to earn a save in 2007.
Scoring is as follows:

9 points for any player on the roster by this Friday (so if Drew or Lugo signs this week they are a nine point player.
18 pointes for a player not on the roster by Friday (therefore, if D-Mat signs, we should all get the 18 - can't really think of a better way to handle these).
Minus one point per place in the batting order that a hitter is off (i.e., if you have Youk hitting 6th and he actually was batting leadoff that would be minus 5)
deadline is Friday noon Eastern.
Pitchers - 9 points per starter and 5 for the closer. Order of starters does not matter.

This is all open for discussion - we could add anyone with all 9 players in the batting lineup is a bonus 20 points, but that would discourage random guesses.
I'm not looking for positions - i.e. if Youk plays 1B or LF, just care about order - otherwise there is too much too tabulate (my thoughts, but we shall see).
Predictions posted become final - if someone posts with an out of the blue trade (like GR with Sexson) prior to the trade commencing credit will be given for the acquisition - so if Sexson is acquired Wednesday, but GR put it up today, he gets the 18 points, but if Dino put it up Friday, its only 9 for him.
Do we want to count starters orders similar to batting average?

Do these make sense? Any suggestions?

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  1. Matt posted his line up here, but for the sake of continuity I thought it would be best to post under the initial posting.

    1. Lugo
    2. Youk
    3. Papi
    4. Manny
    5. Drew
    6. Varitek
    7. Lowell
    8. Pedroia
    9. Crisp

    1. Schilling
    2. Matsuzaka
    3. Beckett
    4. Wakefield
    5. Papelbon

    Closer: Timlin