Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Flashback, part 2

A couple weeks ago X pointed out that this season was looking a lot like 2001. "The only thing lacking is complete and utter chaos in the clubhouse." Well, we haven't seen that yet, but you know things must be bad when David Ortiz of all people starts throwing his own team under the bus:

"Come hit in this lineup, see how good you can be."

Really, not cool. And totally unexpected. I've come to expect that sort of talk, and more general ly the calling out of Jeter, who really hasn't been at all offensive this season, from some players, but not Papi. Yuck - this season just keeps getting worse.


  1. Yeah perhaps Ortiz and Timlin have given a little glimpse of something deeper in the clubhouse.

    As bad as Timlin has been of late, Brad Lidge has been an interesting story this year. Pujols got him again, less than 11 months after the night that looks like it started the complete collapse of what had been a great three year run.

    And talk about glass half full -
    Stubhub has Red Sox playoff tickets for sale:


  2. Was that Papi quote out of context? I mean, it was only one sentence of many, I'm guessing. Note that I used the word guess. Thanks.

  3. Okay, too lazy for a new post, but here is another (trivia?) question. Without looking, which Catcher in MLB has the most HR this year?

  4. ok... my terrible guess is Ramon Hernendez (now I get to look)

  5. Fascinating... I won't spoil the answer, but let's just say my answer wasn't terrible.

  6. Not a bad guess.

    Hey, do you think the Sox learned anything today by watching Liriano walk off the mound holding his elbow. My guess is that we won't see Papelbon again this year. The Twins may live to regret rushing him back, then again the damage may have already been done earlier this year. At least the Twins are fighting for the playoffs.