Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Two bits of news

Deja Vu - Bronson Arroyo is 14-10. Exactly the same as last year. His periphial stats are improved, but I would imagine when adjusted for league and park, the difference is not as big.

Looks like there is a bit of a soap opera going on in NY. If the Giambi A-Rod exchange is accurate, Giambi goes from 0 to about an 8 on the respect meter (of course that is out of 100), but its a start.


  1. Once the NL hitters became familiar with Bronson's stuff, he came back to earth. But he ate up innings, a thing the Red Sox mortally missed. Deadly error by Theo etc. But in the end, with all the medical stuff, it didn't make a damn bit of difference. Look for a busy crazy off season. Seatbelts required. Helmuts? Not yet. Let's watch the Yankees get clobbered first. That will happen.

  2. So was it deadly error? Or did it not matter? It can't be both.

    I've never been a big believer in "eating up innings" as an attribute for a MLB pitcher. I'd rather have a Greg Maddux give me 5-1/3 quality innings and deal with the repurcussions on my pen.

  3. I wouldn't say it was an error at all...The rotation over the past month would have been Gabbard, Beckett, Arroyo, Snyder, and ???...

    Bronson may have helped out the pen, which needed help (and still needs a lot of help), but in hindsight he doesn't help this team that much this year.

    IF the Sox finished 2-3 games out, you could call it a huge mistake. As of right now, I don't even think you could call it a mistake.